Volunteer Requirements

We all volunteer to keep our sail pass each year.
Here’s the requirements and ways to volunteer:

ASI is a non-profit, and for the most part, all-volunteer organization. ASI is dependent upon the
involvement of our members for success. Let us know what your skills are, and where you’d like to participate.

Volunteer hours are satisfied by performing maintenance, instructing, being a dock master,
and in many other areas (check “this link” for a more complete list).
Listed below is a schedule of the minimum volunteer hours required by all Sail Pass-holding members, based on their rating:

Minimum Volunteer Hours per Level

Unrated students – 6 hours the first year; 12 hours there after.
Level 1 – 12 hours (includes returning unrated students)
Level 2 – 22 hours (12 hrs. on Level 1 boats and 10 hrs. on Level 2 boats)
Level 3/4 – 32 hours (12 hrs. on Level 1 boats, 10 hrs. each on Level 2 boats
and Level 3-4 boats)
Interlake Racers – 2 additional volunteer hours (must involve Level 1 boat maintenance)
Level 1 Maintenance is done at Kent Lake on Saturday mornings, all summer, from 9 AM to 1 PM.
Level 1 Maintenance at Stony Creek Lake is scheduled one Saturday per month or on an as needed

Things you can do a volunteer

Boat maintenance
Dock master with a mentor
Help at a picnic
Help at Open house
Help at Milford parade July 4th
Help at Fall Celebration/Graduation in Sept
Help at L1 boat prep in spring
Help with L1 Put in
Give a practice sail(after your a rated sailor)
Do computer or office work
Help organize an event
Adopt an Interlake captain

Manitou in North Channel

Manitou  30' Catalina sailboat in North Channel

30' Catalina sailboat in North Channel as night falls over Sturgeon Cove

Level One Interlakes

Level One Interlakes

Spinakers up at Kent Cup Race.
After you become a L1 sailor you can join the Racing Team for free that first year.

Voyager in the North Channel


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