Sailing Lesson and Quiz

1st try answering Quiz questions…..then contact our office about classes

Then you might want to watch the two video below…

Or for fun try your hand on this sailing simulator.
Try sailing; Take the Helm with this national geographic interactive sailing experience.


Lets see if you might be a good classmate in our ASI sailing classes forming now….

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Why do sailboats have a mast?

To hold up the sail
To fly a skull & cross bones
So they don’t look like row boats

What does “starboard” signify?
A list of sailboat race winners (stars)
The right hand side of the boat when facing foreword
The left hand side of the boat when facing aft

What is a “centerboard”?
A movable fin that keeps the boat from moving sideways
A plank used to send misbehaving sailors overboard
A seat in the middle of the boat

What does “boom” signify?
The cannon that starts a race
The sound of a spar hitting a sailor in the head
A spar used to support the foot of a sail

What is a headboard?
The furniture at the top of your mattress
A reinforcing board at the head of the mainsail
A protective board over a sailor’s head

What is a jib?
A happy dance sailors do when they reach port safely
A small headsail on a sloop
A cutting remark

When contacting our office Please be sure to ask about our class information (May, June and Sept classes) or any questions you may have.

Heres a Sailing App thats fun and helps you learn…then call ASI for classes. ASI offers both sailing lessons and boats including timeshares up north. Sailing App/ game

More Interlake sailboat information is available from the Interlake Sailing Class Association (ISCA).

Advanced Quiz

Performance Quiz
1. What 3 things are necessary to come about?
2. How can you make the boat turn downwind faster?
3. What can you do to reduce excess weather helm (boat heads up a lot)?
4. What are the best things you can do to improve your sailing ability?
(Answers below)

Check Out our Racing Program for more “go fast” infomation.

Bob Dylan says, “the answers my friend, are blowing in the wind”:
1. Have head way; be sailing close to the wind, slowly move the tiller wide (45°).
2. By letting the main sail out as you fall off.
3. Raise the centerboard more, move weight forward, hike out, & ease the main.
4. Join the racing program and teach sailing.

Interlake boat builders Coustomflex

Heres how to rig your boat students. Intro Class steps for students Instructors v2

9 useful sailing knots video;

Points of Sail video;