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    Kent Cup SPLIT! – Michael Golden

    On one of the best sailing days this year there was a tie in the 10th Annual Kent Cup Race.


    Team USA: Gary Crosbie, Steve Kang, and Paula Merideth, TIED with Team

    ATLANTIS: Fred Trinker, Warren Puggini, and Deb Broomham. Each team had 3, 2, 1, finishes and so the two part Kent Cup, an engraved vase inside the Champaign "Kentainer", will be shared by the 6 team members until next years big race. The French team finished third. It was just like being at the Olympics, but the Queen didn't make it.


    The team representing Chile was slowed down by the Irish team in the first race, capsized in the second race, and was still bailing at the start of the third where Greg the novice finished second. The Race Committee boat crew of Dana Sims, Pam, and John Tiley did a sea-mans duty of handling chaos in the west end, in addition to a fine job of managing the races.



    10th Kent Cup Teams 2012











    Kent Cup Co Champs (Fred is missing)














    Deb Broomham, center, took FIRST place among the novices, followed by Greg Kostyniuk second, and Paula Merideth third (second from left).







    Deb Broomham receives sailing gloves for first place novice in the Kent Cup from Michael Golden, race coach.

    The ASI Burgee – Tuesday August 7, 2012

    Racing Results for 2011

    2011 Kent Cup winners Team USA.

    2011 Kent Cup winners Team USA

    Gary Crosbie (E), Fred Trinker (I), & Ivan Roman (N)
    took first place with a score of 2-1-1.

    Stephen H. Kang
    2011 Borovik Trophy Winner

    Novice Ch Kang

    Stephen H. Kang – Michael Golden

    Stephen H. Kang, left, is the Novice Racer Champion for 2011.
    He received the Dan Borovik trophy from Michael Golden, Race coach, for his perfect score of 6 points.
    Watch out for these engineers; they make great skippers.
    In 2nd place was Andrej Dlugokecki with 14 pointsfollowed by Ivan Roman with 16 points in 3rd place.

    Michael Golden
    2011 Michael Golden Trophy Winner

    Michael Golden Trophy 2011

    Steve Poulos – Michael Golden

    Steve Poulos, ASI Race Program Manager, presents the prestigious “Michael Golden Trophy” to non other than Michael Golden himself.
    Michael had the best overall season score among experienced (nonnovice) racers for the 2011 season.
    Congratulations, Michael!
    Gary Crosbie came in 2nd place and Stephen Poulos 3rd.