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Practice Sails
Student and Mentor Practice Sail Calendar
How to Have A Good Practice Sail
Getting your Level 1 Rating
Interlake Maintenance Classes for All Students
Kent Lake Practice Sails
Stony Creek Practice Sails
Mentoring Program

Practice Sails


In addition we offer regular organized sails, see Student home page chart for names and days, its best to get on those mailing lists. We are also working on other ways to sign up for sails these are not available club wide at this time…stay tuned !

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After completing your Level 1 class, you may take as many practice sails as you like. these sails are fun and and allow you to hone your skills before taking Level 1 rating tests. These practice sails are always conducted with a rated ASI sailor aboard who will help you safely sharpen your skills.

The skippers for practice sails are all experienced sailors who volunteer their time and talents so new students can become proficient sailors. Many of these skippers are also instructors.

The number of practice sails is unlimited for the season. However, students who are not rated within 24 months of their class must re-enroll in the classes.

Practice Sails and Mentors;
We offer organized PS Tuesdays, Wednesdays(on hold until we have a leader), Thursdays(by appointment only) and Sunday at Kent lake. See the Burgee or your lake co-ordinator/manager or Mentor Director. Mentors are all rated members.

Students and Mentors Please Let your Practice Sail Organizer know when you want to take a Practice Sail and we will add you to this calendar.
Mentors if your available for Practice sails Please let the PS Organizers know so we can add you to this calendar.
If your not finding practice sails or need additional help or have questions please contact the Level 1 Manager or your class room Instructor.

Both lakes are available for Practice Sails to all students. And Mentors please consider doing a PS or more at both Lakes.
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How to have a good Practice Sail


  • Be sure that the student does all the sailing and rigging. You act as a resource for the student. Be a coach. Watch what they do and offer encouragement and positive suggestions.e sure that the student does all the sailing and rigging. You act as a resource for the student. Be a coach. Watch what they do and offer encouragement and positive suggestions.
  • Find something positive about any maneuver that the student executes, and then shape their behavior toward the goal.
  • Be aware of the skills on the water test. Push the student to try everything, but ask them what skills they want to work on that day.
  • Don’t forget to practice docking. It may be that on an evening practice sail docking needs to be practiced early, while the wind is still up.
  • Have Fun!


  • Take charge of your experience. Tell your skipper what you want to work on and then do it.
  • Remember that all rated members skipper practice sails. Their skills may vary. If you need instruction (not just practice), request a practice sail with an instructor.
  • Take criticism with a grain of salt. We try for consistency, but everyone has his/her own idiosyncratic ways of doing things. Take what you need from the experience. You will find that there is something to learn from everyone with whom you sail.
  • Be sure that you learn something every time that you sail. Each time is a new experience. We all learn something every time we go out on the water. You should too.
  • Have Fun!

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Getting your Level 1 Rating

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Education Dir; JoAnne McClure
Mentor Dir; John Tiley

See our Practice Sail Schedule on the Student Home page. Be sure to confirm all dates and times before going to the lake. You can also see events and workshops on our web Events calendar.

Please consider coming back as a Mentor after youve passed your L1. We can help you feel more comfortable with giving practice sails, just ask us.

Students learn to sail an Interlake, an 18’ centerboard sloop, in light to moderate winds on an inland lake, Kent or Stony Creek Lake. No prior sailing or boating experience is required, however, even those with many years of sailing experience benefit from this course. All new members start with this class. Students will learn the parts and functions of a sailboat, sailing terminology, basic knots and “rules of the road” as well as how to make the sailboat go where they want it to go and stop where it should.
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Interlake Maintenance Classes for All Students
The Interlake Maintenance Class for Level 1 Students from all classes are assigned with the class so watch for this information.
Otherwise Maintenance classes are typically offered on the first and third Saturday of June, August, and September, and the third Saturday of July, from 9 AM to 1 PM at the Kensington Metro Park East Boat Launch.
There will also be at least one Interlake Maintenance Class at Stony Creek.
Check our club calendar, Burgee newsletter or ask one of us.

Interlake Maintenance Classes Required Hours
Unrated students – 6 hours the first year; 12 hours there after.

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Kensington Practice Sails
Stony Creek Practice Sails
Maintenance Class
ASI Level 1 documents

Great Practice sail, ask to try this with your Mentor;

Practice Sail in circle


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Kent Lake Practice Sails

Student PS Information and Request for Mentor Sail

We offer Practice Sails at Kent Lake on 4 days a week. Organized practice sales, called Wet’n’Wild Wednesdays(on hold),or Sunday Drive, Party Tuesdays and Thundering Thursdays(appointment only) are held all summer long. A student can just come out to Kent Lake on during these events and sail with a rated member.

Other days and times are possible for one on one PS, just email us. Or ask any rated member.

At Kent Lake as a student be sure to get on the email list for any and all days you want to practice. Wet and wild Wednesday(on hold) is just “drop in”. The Mentor or practice sail organizer for that day will send out weekly emails asking for who might be coming. if you think your coming its best to let us know.
2012 08 04 ASI picnic & Kent Cup 089That way we can try to have a good mix of rated and students ahead of time. At Kent we rig the boat at the slip and paddle over to the dock (its differant at Stony). No boat is allowed to sail out of the slip. Depending on the wind you will launch off that part of the dock. Typically there will be an experienced Dock Master and you will take their instruction and help.

Dock Masters receive volunteer hours. Its a great way to help the club and learn by watching others. Students need to ask a mentor to show them the ropes of dock mastering. After passing your L1 you can and should volunteer to dock master especially during class and practice sail times. Contact Anne O our Dock Master Manager for instructions and a date yo can come help. More details will be given in class or just ask us.

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Stony Practice Sails


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At Stony Creek, when pulling a boat out, make sure no lines are tied or fouled with the dock. Otherwise you might find the boat on the ramp after you pull the trailer out of the water.

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Mentoring Program

To arrange a practice sail, please refer to the list of volunteers that have committed themselves to mentor an unrated student to achieve his/her goals. This list is posted on the ASI website, or contact our ASI Mentor Director John Tiley.

Stony Creek has organized practice sails, called Tradewinds Tuesdays . Look for the announcement posted on the ASI website our the newsletter the Burgee. With the Mentoring program in place and the Kent Lake and Stony Creek open sail dates, unrated members will be able to polish their skills and become rated in no time.

Sailing at Stony Creek first requires getting the boat into the water, since there are no permanent slips, as at Kensington. The boats are kept in the boat yard on trailers. Consequently, you must have a trailer hitch or make arrangements with your crew for one.

The boats must be towed a short distance to the ramps for launching. It does take a bit more work before you are sailing, but more work doesn’t necessarily mean more time. You don’t have to open dock boxes for things like life vests and sails, because they are kept with the boat. Bailing the boats after rainy days is seldom necessary as it is at Kensington. Another advantage to sailing at Stony Creek is that the hulls are cleaner and do
not accumulate algae as at Kensington where the boats are continuously in the water.

The detailed procedure for launching the boats at Stony Creek is covered in the Level 1 sailing classes.

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