Mantaintance and Check Lists

heres who to contact for maintanance:
student class
L1 kent lake
L1 stony lake
L3/4 JBM

Heres important boat check lists for maintenance or pre-sail check lists
Students Kent
Students Stony
L1 Kent
L1 Stony

heres some basic info about sailing out of JBM.
Buoy locations ect

heres a practice day sail skills check list.

heres a students sail prep checklist.

heres a doc master duties list and check list.

heres a emergency contact list.

heres some power boat Info and contact person.

heres a link to L3/4 float plan requirements.

Manitou in North Channel

Manitou  30' Catalina sailboat in North Channel

30' Catalina sailboat in North Channel as night falls over Sturgeon Cove

Level One Interlakes

Level One Interlakes

Spinakers up at Kent Cup Race.
After you become a L1 sailor you can join the Racing Team for free that first year.

Voyager in the North Channel

Event Calendar