Maintenance Workdays and Class

there is a “workday” and a “Class” which is required. We suggest you come do maintenance workdays too. The class is now called “Advanced Rigging Class” see below). Check the web Event calendar and Burgee for details.

Every Saturday at 9am at Kent Lake we have Maintainance sessions for all members.
As volunteers we all try to give time to keeping the boats in top shape.
This hands on event give a member an opportunity to really learn the workings of his boat.

The Advanced Rigging Class (was Maintenance Class) (required and included in your fees) is offered on the first and third Saturday of June, August, and September, and the third Saturday of July, from 9 AM to 1 PM at the Kensington Metro Park East Boat Launch. There is also an Interlake Maintenance Class at Stony Creek, check the Burgee or ask the L1 manager or lake manager or see our Events Calendar. All students can and should take classes at the lake its offered.

ALL students MUST TAKE this class before the water test can be given.

Stony and JBM also have programs and members give their time to learn about and care for the boats.

We also have an Adopt-a-Interlake program where as a member you are “captain” of one specfic boat. You then maintain that boat for the season with extra attention.

Here also find other info on keeping the boat looking good and in good repair.

Heres a vid on rigging the interlake and testing the shroudes

Level One Interlakes

Level One Interlakes

Spinakers up at Kent Cup Race.
After you become a L1 sailor you can join the Racing Team for free that first year.

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