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Stony Creek Practice Sails Information.
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Upon completing the classes, each student can utilize
practice sails to hone his/her sailing skills before taking the
on-water and written tests. These practice sails will be
conducted with a rated ASI sailor aboard, so that the student
will have ample opportunity to sharpen his/her sailing skills.

The number of practice sails is unlimited for the season.
However, students who are not rated within 24 months of
their class must re-enroll in the classes.

The skippers for practice sails are all experienced sailors who
volunteer their time and talents so new students can become
proficient sailors. Many of these skippers are also
instructors. (See Mentoring Program)

At Stony Creek, when pulling a boat out, make sure no
lines are tied or fouled with the dock. Otherwise you might
find the boat on the ramp after you pull the trailer out of
the water

To arrange a practice sail, please refer to the list of
volunteers that have committed themselves to mentor an
unrated student to achieve his/her goals. This list is posted
on the ASI website, or contact our ASI Mentor Director John Tiley.

In addition to the Mentoring program, Kent Lake has an
ongoing Sail date, called Wet’n’Wild Wednesdays,or Sunday Drive on Sundays, or Party Tuesdays on Tuesdays where a
student can come out to Kent Lake on Wednesday evenings
and be able to sail with a rated member.

Likewise, Stony Creek has Tradewinds Tuesdays and Thursdays. Look for
the announcement posted on the ASI website.
With the Mentoring program in place and the Kent Lake and
Stony Creek open sail dates, unrated members will be able to
polish their skills and become rated in no time.

Sailing at Stony Creek (see map on page 57) first requires
getting the boat into the water, since there are no permanent
slips, as at Kensington. The boats are kept in the boat yard
on trailers. Consequently, you must have a trailer hitch or
make arrangements with your crew for one.

The boats must be towed a short distance to the ramps for launching.
It does take a bit more work before you are sailing, but more work
doesn’t necessarily mean more time. You don’t have to open
dock boxes for things like life vests and sails, because they
are kept with the boat. Bailing the boats after rainy days is
seldom necessary as it is at Kensington. Another advantage
to sailing at Stony Creek is that the hulls are cleaner and do
not accumulate algae as at Kensington where the boats are
continuously in the water.

The detailed procedure for launching the boats at Stony
Creek is covered in the Level 1 sailing classes.

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