Fast Tip FT16-03

FAST Tip – Water Levels — Dan Sims (FT16-03)
Great Lakes water levels – April 6, 2016

An FYI to our keelboat sailors. Great Lakes water level remain high!

Region: Great Lakes (selected partial list)
Date Reported: July 21, 2016
Source: CG 9th District NTM 09292016

The expected water levels on the Great Lakes, given in inches above (+) or below (-) Low Water Datum (LWD). LWD is a plane of reference used on a navigation chart. It is also known as chart datum.

Great Lakes:
Lake Erie +42
Lake St. Clair +43
Lake Michigan-Huron +33

Detroit River:
Lake Erie at Pelee Passage +42
Mouth of River at Gibraltar +42
Fort Wayne +46
Head of River above Belle Isle +43

St. Clair River:
Mouth of River at St. Clair Flats +43
Algonac +46
St. Clair +38
Blue Water Bridge +39
Lake Huron Approach Channel +33

St. Marys River: Mouth of River at Detour +33

Available water depth is determined for a location by adding (if +) or subtracting (if -) the amount from the above to the water depth shown on National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) navigational charts. Caution: Depths so determined are representative of a still water surface elevation, disturbed by neither wind nor other causes.

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