Coming Soon, to a Computer Near You

Coming soon, to a computer near you!

As your web team starts to prepare to roll out our new web site I thought it would be good to do a series of intros to the menus, layout and new features.

We will rollout the web new site before the new sailing season. Please be aware that the address will REMAIN the same after the update.

So to start the intro I’d like to explain the overall concept. There are two main sections of the web site, Public and Members.

The pages and menus you 1st see across the top of the site are mostly for the Public. That is, information for potential future members. So that’s one section, made up of several menu tabs. There is some information here for members too. Like Racing and upper level classes info. for examples.

I believe you will see a more coordinated marketing effort this year and going forward. If you are interested in that conversation, or have any marketing experience or interest, contact Paul Rossetti.

So this new web site is 1st a marketing tool.
Its meant to direct future members to “contact us” and to information about our classes, club and fleet.
And yes there’s a contact form that really works to request information from Lisa.

Now the 2nd section is specifically for existing club Members. The tab is labeled simply and plainly (and boringly)….”Members“. It replaces the Captains Quarter tab that seemed confusing to some. So now most anything related to Members is found under this new tab. Lets say for example you are looking for Documents or the Directory, click on the Members tab.

In future Burgees I’ll highlight other menus or features. Anyone with “Content”, information, stories, how to videos, to be placed on the new web site, should contact us.

Thank you for your time, interest and support.

webmaster, L1 manager,mentor director.

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Manitou in North Channel

Manitou  30' Catalina sailboat in North Channel

30' Catalina sailboat in North Channel as night falls over Sturgeon Cove

Level One Interlakes

Level One Interlakes

Spinakers up at Kent Cup Race.
After you become a L1 sailor you can join the Racing Team for free that first year.

Voyager in the North Channel

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