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Your FOG DOG Award Nominees:

John Tiley
I nominate John Tiley…..How often do you see John Tiley’s name in the Burgee or actually see him in person at an ASI activity? He is everywhere in the ASI experience. Not only in the past couple years, with co-initiating the end-of-season Level 1 Pirate/graduation party festivities; being often a recorder of any level ASI event with his ever-present camera; taking on the newly established moniker of Mentor Director for L1 students. Then, this past season, he initiated the informal, yet connective 70/30 gatherings to not only air member views but have off-season connection with all level. Plus, he stepped up to fulfill the vacant Level 1 Manager slot, without letting go of any other slots. And more recently, his name has often been in the Burgee alerting us to assorted upcoming events. Perhaps most importantly, he has been a crucial part in both what appear to be a resurgence of marketing efforts and our revised web-site. I don’t know how many breeds of fogdog the above cover, but John has been an energetic light breaking through more than one ASI foggy task. For all that John Tiley does for ASI – officially and unofficially….and at all Levels – he’s my nomination for this past season’s FogDog award.
Joanne McLure
JoAnne has been the Lead Instructor for the L1 sailing classes for many years. These classes are the gateway for membership and participation for the entire club and essential to our Mission and Purpose. JoAnne has taught the west side Shore School classes which span many weeks each year, usually as the sole instructor. She has also organized and lead the on-the-water classes at Kent Lake, often taking a boat of students herself. Those of us who have helped her as water instructors have a sense of all the work, organization and cajoling that goes into her job. If there are some members unaware of all this work, it goes to show how smoothly and easy JoAnne makes it happen. I am happy and honored to recommend JoAnne McClure for a Fog Dog Award.

Don Sharpe
Of all the “shining lights” in ASI, I can think of no greater beacon of light then Don Sharpe.  He welcomes new members with enthusiasm, and supports existing members.

Many members think of Don as an active member of the Level 1 Maintenance Team . Yes; he is that; and so much more!  He teaches the Level 1 Maintenance class.  He has developed a long standing friendship with the owner and builder of our Interlakes.  Don plays a major role in needed repairs of the older boats, and some not so old, as well as ordering new boats for ASI’s Interlake fleet.  He has served as a liaison for ASI with Kensington Metro Park.

Did I say Level 1?  Don has held Level 1, Level 2 & Level 3 ratings.  He has served on the Board of Trustees, (currently serving) and has served as ASI’s Ex-OfficioTreasurer/Secretary, to name a few positions held.  He has served on many committees, far too many to recall.  His experience and input are always greatly appreciated.  Don knows firsthand the history of ASI, and promotes the club wherever, and whenever he can!

It doesn’t matter what “Level” needs the help.  I have heard him say so many, many, times; “You need someone to pick that up? I can do that!”  You will see Don at Kensington, Jefferson Beach Marina, OPS meetings, board meetings and breakfast meetings.  Regardless of the location, or level, Don is there to lend a hand to help members and ASI succeed!

Don truly represents what the ASI ‘FOG DOG AWARD” stands for.