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2014 season JBM keelboat launch, Level 2,3,4

A Typical Day Sailing At Kent Lake or Stony Creek Lake Metro Parks

Welcome to ASI

When you’re thinking Learn and Sail…Say ASI !

This is our Level 2, 28 foot O’Day, on Lake St Clair;
Fist Pump Sailing….say ASI !

See “Our Fleet” and sailboat spec’s.

Call 248-393-4280 ask for Lisa for membership forms.

Sailing at Stony Creek Lake Metro Park on ASI 18 foot interlake.

Setting up to sail at Stony

see full article in our Burgee Tuesday July 17, 2012

…Many folks will take vacations in the summer and they will leave Michigan. Nine times outa Ten, their vacation will not be as wonderful as mine, even with spending ten times as much money. This summer this will especially be the case as I discovered on that fateful bike ride, the dock side mailbox with the A.S.I. information in it.
Sailing wow! Me, without having to know someone who owns a boat, or waiting for a friend who will ask me to go out with them, I can do it! I CAN DO IT MYSELF!!!!

Like anything, tying into this organization and finding out the ins and outs, has its challenges and rewards. With my background having been in education, I find I sometimes have higher expectations than what an organization might offer. For starters, the manual this organization use’s, is structured by Derrick Fries, an educator. I actually had the thrill of meeting and sailing with this man, way in my past. One of those sailing experiences I mentioned earlier, where someone who owned a boat, asked me if I wanted to go. They didn’t just ask me to go sailing, but they asked if I wanted to go in a yacht race. WOW! Derrick Fries and teacher friends, in the cold fall, we almost collided with another boat. There I was, unknowledgeable and helpless. It was exciting and FUN!

An organization can use a great book, but how is it run? Do all the students feel well tied in? How is the information disseminated? Now, here is the thing; this group is not a “paid” group, they are all volunteers. They aren’t paid to meet up to particular standards. They are only as strong as their weakest link, so to say. I think I have found some areas that could be better, but recognizing everyone has an ego and everyone does try their hardest to be as professional in this club as possible, as an unpaid group, ASI is amazing so far.

There are only a few people that I run into all the time, but as I meet new people; the seasoned veterans, and the newbies like myself, I find this genuine interest, curiosity, friendliness and willingness to share, that has made this organization a real pleasure to be a part of…

Annual ASI Picnic and Membership Meeting Sat. August 4th – went very well, stay tuned for more informaiton and hopefully some pictures.

Here are some pictures from John T.

See the Burgee News or calendar for details.

More Interlake sailboat information is available from the Interlake Sailing Class Association (ISCA).