2014 ALL club Open House success


The tee shirt read;
Those that can….Do
Those that can do more….volunteer !

Ladies and Gentlemen our ASI club does do more !

We had an amazing member turn out, perfect weather and a fun time together as a club of all levels at our 2nd annual new ALL club Open House this last Saturday.

1st this event is about our fellow sailors getting together to have fun, meeting one another and socializing. We had over 25 members doing just that at Kent Lake Saturday. As an extra we had 33 guests come out ,some of who were very interested in sailing and joining our ASI club ! (some took 2 rides!).

To me thats a WOW day of success !

So heres my personal thank you to every member that came out whether you were on the tiller or on stand by. Your great attitude, willingness and support ….just YOU being there was greatly appreciated and noticed.

Special thanks to Pam Schmidt for coming all the way form out of state just to give rides at our Open House. And to Derome Dowell for the photographs, to Kirk Moreland and Lidia Kostyniuk for personally escorting guests to each skipper, to Kathy Chrzanowski for the printing and helping with the display boards, to Michael Golden and Maryann Herek for manning the safety boat to Dan and Susanne for their great outline and advise, and to Don Caley for the open house after party, lets hope that tradition continues, thanks to Larry Willis’s Sailor Sam for the man overboard toss game and to whoever made and colored the pirate cut out ship, good job! and finally to Marta for a dog gone good time. A few of us even sat on the hill afterwards at the Beatles concert (the threat of rain kept our boats at dock).

Congratulations to Judy Notla for winning the drawing of the Sailing clock, battery’s not included (next year hats and tees?)

And thank you to all of you that recognized my wife Kimberly’s presents, help and support, without whom I’d not be half the pirate I is. Love ya honey arrrug.

So pencil in this event for next year !
My wish list includes; more homemade cookies form Joanne, guest reservations, more flyers/cards, grilled hamburgers for members (to supplement the pizza) and ice cream for desert !

Congratulations ASI great teamwork.

Mentor Director
john m tiley

webmaster, L1 manager,mentor director.

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Manitou in North Channel

Manitou  30' Catalina sailboat in North Channel

30' Catalina sailboat in North Channel as night falls over Sturgeon Cove

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Level One Interlakes

Spinakers up at Kent Cup Race.
After you become a L1 sailor you can join the Racing Team for free that first year.

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